Fabio FON talks in Campus Party Brazil 2008


FÁBIO OLIVEIRA NUNES (or Fabio FON) is a Brazilian multimedia artist, digital designer and higher education professor, working among other areas in the studies of hypermidia, web art, media art and poetics of visual. One of his studies is the Web Art in Brazil, which has been developed since 1999 and nowadays focus on the research on critique technological art. He has developed the co-production of the digital poetry magazine Arteria 8, in co-authorship with Omar Khouri. Fabio is PhD in Arts from University of Sao Paulo, MA from UNICAMP and bacharel in Fine Arts from UNESP.


VIA INVISÍVEL (with Soraya Braz)


It is a serie of panels in subway stations with small radio frequency sensors, commonly used in cell-phone pendants, sold in trinket stores. Those sensors are lighted when they capture the use of cell phones.  Via Invisível has been exhibited in FILE - PAI - Paulista Avenue Interactive 2011, São Paulo, Brazil.

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CAPTAS (with Soraya Braz)

Yellow raincoats sensitive to electromagnetic radiation that can talk when they find cell phone users. The artwork emerges from reflections on the social implications of the mobile technology - especially the dissolution of tacit living arrangements in urban areas. Captas has been exhibited in Instituto Computacional Exhibition, Museu Nacional, Brasilia, DF; Mobilefest 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil; in SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, Brazil and Projeto Territórios Híbridos NOMADS.USP, São Carlos, Brazil.

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GRAMPO (with Soraya Braz)

Grampo reflects upon the intrusive nature of cellular phones in our life. An art object equipped with low radio frequency sensors interacts with the electromagnetic radiation of cellulars. Depending on how near the public's portable devices are to the work, small color lights and sounds, containing blurry conversations from a pre-recorded database, burst into the space. The artwork reflects upon the double nature of cellulars: the electromagnetic radiation contamination and the noise pollution produced by these devices, which blur the boundaries between private and public space.

Grampo has been exhibited in Mobilefest/Campus Party 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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ROAMING (with Soraya Braz)

This experimentation starts from appropriation of small chips present inside those mobile phone charms that light up when a call comes in. In a panel, light is literally launched to the invisible radiation that comes from the mobiles and invades our bodies.
Roaming has been exhibited in Mobilefest 2007 and FILE 2008 (International Festival of Electronic Language), both in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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FREAKPEDIA - The really free encyclopedia
(with Edgar Franco)

The restrictions that succeed the participation in collaborative systems in the cyberspace – specially through the Internet and the virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia – inspired the web art project Freakpedia developed by Edgar Franco and Fabio Oliveira Nunes. This is an encyclopedia of ironic and collaborative character in which articles of little or no relevance are substantially accepted.


(in co-authorship with Omar Khouri and Paulo Miranda)

Brazilian digital-visual poetry magazine. The Arteria magazine, publication of mutant supports, arrives at the eighth number: this time on Internet. Actually, with participation of 40 Brazilian artists and poets, the magazine intends to be an increasing space of poetical.